WHAT IS FUN-A-DAY, you ask? 

Begin the new year by doing something FUN/creative EVERY DAY for the month of FEBRUARY and document it! For example: take a photograph, make the bed, draw a picture, bake a cake, etc. Results are displayed in a group art show!

RSVP TO funadaystockholm@gmail.com with the following info:

FUN-A-DAY was originally created by The Artclash Collective.  ARTCLASH is a Philadelphia-based group of artists who organize art projects and shows that aim to be fun, inclusive and participatory.  This year marks the 11th Anniversary of the FUN-A-DAY Project Worldwide, and the 2nd year in Stockholm!

The FUN-A-DAY STOCKHOLM project runs from FEB 1st to FEB 28th and is followed by an Art Show in on March 14th.

Want to share your progress along the way?  Post your photos on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, etc. and be sure to tag them as #funaday and #funadaystockholm to inspire your fellow participants.

FUN-A-DAY worldwide: artclash.com

(apologies and thanks to Fun-a-Day Boston for providing this nice text which I plagiarized)



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