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Fun-a-day Stockholm is now on Twitter at @FADStockholm. This will provide another outlet for folks to share what they’re up to this month. You can see our Twitter feed by clicking the top right icon that looks like a stack of lines.

You can also check us out on Instagram at #FADStockholm.

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We're on Twitter!

Fun-a-Day 2015

Back by popular demand, Fun-a-Day is back in Stockholm this February!

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Fun-a-day was originally dreamed-up by the Artclash collective in Philadelphia in 2004. Since then, the event/concept has spread to many cities.

What is Fun-a-Day?

The premise (and the challenge, if you choose to accept it) is to do one fun thing every day for a whole month in the middle of darkest winter. Document your fun activity in some way everyday and then we’ll present what we did in a one-night show at the end.

When Is It Happening?

February 1 – 28, and then we’ll be presenting what we did on March 14th (see details below)


Some examples of Fun-a-days past:

1. Hop over something everyday and get someone to take a photo of you doing it.
2. Write a song a day
3. Send a postcard a day
4. Draw or paint something everyday.
5. Two friends give each other a challenge a day (
6. Create a short film every day

The options are limitless!

The Show

Saturday, March 14th
16:00 – 20:00

Location and time to be announced!

In the past, people have presented their work by doing slideshows with a projector, hanging pictures on the wall, doing performances or presentations on a makeshift stage, sharing MP3 players with headphones of the songs they made, etc etc.

Check out photos from the Philadelphia 2012 Fun-a-day here: